Get your dog a throne: This heated pet mattress is $90 off

TL;DR: As of Dec. 26, save on the HEATD Dog Pet Bed Mattress and get it for $109.65 with the code MERRY15. That’s 45% off its regular price of $199.

Your pup deserves to be treated like royalty. He’s been a good boy, hasn’t he? Time to get him his own throne, equipped with heating and cooling to keep him comfortable in every season.

The HEATD Dog Mattress features patented heating technology, with a large M-shaped heating pad that delivers the fastest, hottest, and most efficient heating on the market. You can choose from three different temperature settings, depending on what your dog seems to respond to, and even put the temperature on a timer so it will go off at a certain time.

In the warmer seasons, you can just as easily flip over the bed and replace the heating pad for cooling pads. Dogs have a preferred temperature, too, after all.  While the pads are out, you can even throw the fleece cover in the washing machine to freshen up your pup’s sleeping space. There are no loose wires to worry about. You can even fold it up easily for storage when it’s not in use.

The HEATD Dog Mattress is equipped for indoor or outdoor use. It’s wireless and waterproof, so you can bring it with you on camping trips or other outdoor excursions.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, there’s even a built-in dual-port 12V, 10,000mAh USB power bank. So, yes, you can charge your phone or any other USB-powered device with your dog’s bed. If this doesn’t prove we are painfully addicted to our gadgets, we don’t know what does.

It’s usually $199, but you can enter the code MERRY15 at checkout during this sale and slash the price down to just $109.65. Consider it our gift to you and your four-legged friend.

Prices subject to change.