Pay only $250 for a refurbished MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air with black case

TL;DR: As of March 24, get a refurbished Apple MacBook Air for just $250 — that’s 64% off.

If it’s time for a new computer, shopping refurbished is a great option to consider. There may not be that many affordable choices if you buy brand new, but there are plenty of refurbished computers that can get the job done for a low price. Mac lovers can even find some exciting deals, like this refurbished MacBook Air for only $247.99 (reg. $700). 

Get a MacBook Air for under $250

Students and remote workers could get a lot out of this low-cost MacBook. The 4GB RAM and 5th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 mobile processor may not be an ideal match if you’re planning on running a lot of demanding apps for art or video editing, but the 128GB solid-state drive and lightweight construction could be an excellent fit for working on the go. You may not even need to find a power outlet while you work. The battery could last up to nine hours on a single charge. Students could likely get in a full day of classes, while professionals could enjoy an untethered workspace they can take almost anywhere. 

The 11.6-inch LED-backlit “glossy” display is a beautiful work surface with a 1266 x 768 resolution powered by an Intel® HD Graphics 6000 GPU. Stream your favorite shows in vivid color, and you can connect some Bluetooth earbuds if you don’t want to listen on the built-in speakers. 

Buying a refurbished computer doesn’t necessarily mean settling for less. In fact, refurbished shopping is growing more popular because it’s a budget-friendly way to get some high-quality gear, and it’s a lot better for the environment

Shop for budget-friendly computers that still work great 

If you need a new computer, a new-to-you one might be a better match for your budget. Get a refurbished Apple MacBook Air in sleek black on sale for $247.99 (reg. $700). 

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