Protect your expensive AirPods Max with this affordable case

A  built-in magnetic fin will put your AirPods Max into sleep mode when they're in the case.

TL;DR: Keep your AirPods Max safe with this CarryOn AirPods Max Hard Case, on sale for 25% off. As of Aug. 17, grab one for only $29.99.

If you dropped $550 on the AirPods Max, you likely saved up your hard-earned dough and made some lifestyle adjustments in order to make the purchase. Or maybe, to you, money is no object. Either way, you probably want to protect your investment considering how much it cost you. And this CarryOn AirPods Max Hard Case is a perfect way to do so.

The CarryOn Case from Intelli is a snug little home for your AirPods Max, complete with a protective polycarbonate plastic inner core, soft microfiber lining, and water-resistant nylon hard outer layer. It delivers 360-degree protection for your headphones whenever they’re not on your head. There’s even a rigid frame above and below the band to ensure they’re safe from inevitable drops and bumps. 

Thanks to a built-in magnetic fin at the base, your AirPods Max will immediately be put to sleep while resting inside the case. That means none of your battery life will be wasted when you’re not listening. Another convenient feature is the included CableCaddy, which is basically a little removable compartment that fits inside the case without damaging your headphones. Inside, you can store your charging cable or other small essentials for a streamlined charging experience on the go.

Having trouble picturing it? Here’s a sneak peek:

For how much money the AirPods Max cost, Apple definitely did a poor job with the case they provided for the headphones. First of all, it barely offers protection. In fact, it’s practically useless in that regard. Second of all, it looks completely bonkers. The CarryOn Hard Case from Intelli is a much more aesthetically pleasing option. Plus, it will protect your investment at all costs.

Snag the CarryOn AirPods Max Hard Case while it’s on sale for just $29.99 (regularly $39) for a limited time.