Save $10 at Amazon just for spending $40 on select beauty and bathroom items

Mrs. Meyer's hand soap, Band-Aids, Wet hair brush, and Elf primer on orange background

SPEND $40, SAVE $10: As of Feb. 21, Amazon shoppers will receive an automatic $10 discount when they add $40 worth of eligible beauty, bathroom, and health items to their cart. Target is offering a similar deal to Circle members.

Admit it, you’ve felt it: the rush that comes with seeing a sale sign under an item at the store that was on your list anyway.

A current Amazon deal is offering similar satisfaction. An automatic $10 coupon will be applied to your cart when you add $40 worth of eligible beauty, bathroom, and wellness items, many of which are also on sale themselves. If you stay between the $40 or $50 total mark, your savings will hit 20 to 25% — not bad for stuff you were going to buy anyway.

With a ton of eligible items, you’re bound to find something that you’ve been meaning to restock. Our favorite products include CeraVe skincare, Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap, and the e.l.f. Halo Glow, which is TikTok’s favorite dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter.

If you’re more of a Target Circle person, spending the same $40 on select beauty and health items at Target will get you a free $10 Target gift card in your inbox. Unlike the Amazon deal, the $10 will have to be used on a later purchase — but Target’s selection of eligible products is bigger. Liquid IV, period products, and at-home COVID tests are all options.