Save on your cooling bill with this personal air conditioner

Person sleeping next to a EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner.

TL;DR: As of Sept. 23, you can get the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner and Cartridge for just $99 instead of $128 — that’s a 22% discount.

For many, the heat still hasn’t left, but you may be able to keep cool without piling onto your electric bill. A personal air conditioner may be a good thing to have on hand if you want a little more control over cooling your immediate personal space. Instead of cooling your whole home, chilling a smaller area could be a cheaper alternative that still keeps you comfortable. With the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner, you can carry your climate control with you from room to room, and for a limited time, it’s just $99 (Reg. $128). 

A cool little personal air conditioner 

The EvaChill EV-500 cools an area from 21 to 25 square feet. That’s around the size of a Queen-sized bed, which is actually one great way you could use the EvaChill. If you want to avoid hot nights but don’t want to waste energy cooling a whole home when everyone in it is asleep, you could focus your air conditioning and keep your bed cool with the EvaChill. 

This personal air conditioner reaches full cooling power within ten minutes, and it only needs a micro USB connection to stay powered. While it’s cooling, the EvaChill humidifies and filters dust and bacteria from the air. It also has a soft blue LED that lights up when the EvaChill is working, so you can help cool and clean your environment while also adding a gentle aesthetic touch. 

Within the EvaChill is an EV-500 cartridge that helps the water evaporate for a cooling effect. It’s made of an inorganic mineral compound that is totally biodegradable, and it can last for up to six months. When it’s time to change out the EV-500 cartridge, your EvaChill comes with a free replacement. You also don’t have to feel guilty about tossing the old filter. They’re completely biodegradable. 

Try an affordable way to cool your space

If the EvaChill sounds like a great tool to have around, then you may not have to wait long. If you order now, you can get your personal A/C unit in three to five business days. If you want a little more focused control over your air conditioning, then get the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner and Cartridge on sale for $99 (Reg. $128). 

Prices subject to change.