The best gaming headsets for consoles and PC: SteelSeries, Razer, and more of our top picks

Picture of gaming headsets hanging on a wall

Gaming can be an immersive experience as is, but the right headset can truly push it to the next level. So many games today have incredible sound and music, whether it’s the booming score of God of War Ragnarok or whizzing rockets in Call of Duty: Warzone, the right headset can pull you deeper into the worlds you’re exploring on the screen. But what’s the best headset for you?

There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to gaming headsets. If you’re on a budget or are looking for the best audio experience you can get no matter the cost, there’s a headset that can provide that extra oomph for your gaming sessions.

Can I use a gaming headset on both console and PC?

More often than not, yes, you can. As long as your console and PC both have compatible ports for your headset — whether that’s a 3.5mm jack, USB-C, or something else — and Bluetooth support, you should be just fine. Just make sure to check your ports and capabilities before you pick up a headset, because ordering one just to find out later that it isn’t compatible is a huge bummer.

When it comes to pairing a wireless headset to a console like an Xbox or PlayStation, it’s usually as simple as heading into the system’s settings menu and pairing your device that way. Sometimes, wireless headsets even come with a USB dongle that you can plug into your console or PC and connect to automatically without the extra layer of setup. Either way, the process is usually quite simple. And of course, if you go the wired route, you should just be able to plug in and play whenever you’re ready.

To go wireless, or not to go wireless?

Wireless headphones have their obvious pros, like convenience and cord management, but the biggest downside to getting any sort of wireless device is the risk of latency issues, or “lag.” When you don’t have a wire directly connecting your headset to your console, there’s a bigger chance that the audio feedback coming from your games won’t sync with the signal that your headset is receiving.

This can end up being much more than just an annoyance depending on what game you’re playing — if you’re big into titles that require you to think quickly on your feet based on audio queues like horror, rhythm, and battle royale games, it can be seriously detrimental to how effectively you play.

If wireless functionality is a priority for you, we recommend getting a headset that also has a wired option, although if you get a more high-end Bluetooth headset, you might not have any latency problems at all. The bottom line: If you’re going wireless, don’t go cheap.

What’s the best gaming headset for consoles and PC?

We’re glad you asked. After a week of hands-on testing, we came down to five top picks that we’re comfortable recommending to you. Check them out below, and find your perfect match.