There's a TheraGun for everyone on sale for up to 20% off at Amazon right now

Theragun  massager

As of Jan. 23, several TheraGun massage guns are on sale at Amazon for up to 20% off. We’ve rounded up the best deals:

  • BEST TRAVEL THERAGUN: The TheraGun Mini is the best choice for simple massages on the go. $159.99 $199.99 (save $40)

  • BEST THERAGUN FOR GYM RATS: The TheraGun Prime has multiple heads to ease weary muscles. $267.95 $299 (save $31.05)

  • BEST THERAGUN FOR ATHLETES: The TheraGun Pro has multiple speed settings and attachments for those who want deep, targeted massage. $499 $599 (save $100)

If you work out hard, you have to recover hard — but the right tools (or dedication to weekly in-person massages) can often be expensive and time-consuming.

Thankfully some of the best massage guns (used by pro athletes and gym bunnies alike) are now on sale at Amazon for up to 20% off. Save on several TheraGuns right now, and make sure you never skip recovery day again. Here are the best deals available right now:

Best travel TheraGun

Why we like it

For massages on the go, you can’t go wrong with the TheraGun Mini: It may only come with one massage head, but you can buy others if you need to, and users say that this option is the perfect size for almost any body part. It has three different pressure settings and uses the brand’s signature percussion therapy for ultimate relief.

Best TheraGun for gym rats

Why we like it

For the simplest and most streamlined TheraGun experience, the Prime is your best bet. It’s the one to buy if you like to work out a few times a week (and therefore, you need to stretch). It comes with four attachment heads, can withstand up to 30 pounds of pressure, and has a two-hour battery life.

Best TheraGun for athletes

Why we like it

The most high-end option of the bunch, the TheraGun Pro is the gold standard pick of the TheraGun line. It’s great for athletes since it’s designed to help calm and soothe pretty much any muscle kink you may endure. The Pro provides plenty of power and variability, thanks to the five speed settings and six different attachment heads meant to target different muscle groups. Note that it is battery-powered.