This automatic cat water fountain is only $22

cat next to kittyspring water fountain

TL;DR: Get the KittySpring water fountain for cats for just $21.99 instead of $39 as of March 25. That’s a savings of 43%.

If your cat isn’t drinking from their water bowl as much as they should, there’s a chance they aren’t just being picky. Their bowl just might not be the right fit for them, and it doesn’t help that the water they don’t drink just stagnates. Instead, you could get your cat the KittySpring Water Fountain for cats. This automatic water bowl doesn’t need electricity to provide your feline friend with fresh water, and you can get it for the best price online at just $21.99 (reg. $39). 

Treat your cat to water on demand 

The KittySpring is an Indiegogo and Kickstarter-funded automatic water dispenser for cats. Instead of refilling your cat’s bowl whenever it gets low, the KittySpring has a refillable reservoir that holds up to two days of water for one cat. If you have more than one cat, you might have to refill it more often, but the basin is wide so multiple kitties can drink at the same time. There’s another hidden benefit to that wide bowl. Cats actually prefer eating and drinking from wide, shallow dishes that don’t bump their whiskers or limit their view of their surroundings. Your cat might be happier to drink their fill with the KittySpring, and there will be a constant supply of fresh water. 

KittySpring manufacturers state that this cat-friendly water fountain is made entirely from BPA-free, pet-safe materials. The non-slip mat also helps keep your fountain safe from your cat, but the sturdy construction should be fine if your cat decides to bat it around like their new favorite toy. 

Save on an automatic water bowl for your cat 

Your cat probably can’t operate a faucet, but this automatic water fountain makes sure they’ll have fresh water for days at a time before you need a refill. For a limited time, get the KittySpring Water Fountain for Cats on sale for only $21.99 (reg. $39). That’s the best price on the web, but hurry — it may not last fur-ever. 

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