This mega-deal includes 6 popular streaming subscriptions

TL;DR: The Smartest Streaming Bundle ft. Curiosity Stream is just $39.99 for a one year subscription at the Mashable Shop as of Dec. 30.

Streaming services can add up quickly. Instead of paying high prices by the month, this deal lets you stream six different channels for up to a year for a one-time payment that costs less than $40 — and saves you at least 88% compared to subscribing individually. It’s the perfect streaming subscription for anyone who wants to discover new niche programming that lets you deep-dive on certain topics and expand your mind by learning something new. If you want to add more years to the subscription, there’s the option to do so while saving even more money in the process.

This Smart Bundle of streaming includes subscriptions to all of your favorite learning channels, like CuriosityStream, which has all things adventure, history, science, and nature. It also includes a subscription to SOMM TV, which tells stories about how great wine is made, from the creators to the labels. If you’ve already mastered tasting and smelling wines, this is the last step to becoming well-versed in the fine art of wine-making.

The rest of the channels include Tastemade, which was created with foodies in mind. You’ll learn how food interacts with travel, culture, and more by hearing people tell their stories about food-based traditions and origin stories. Gain access to Topic if you’re into foreign thriller films, Nebula for thought-provoking content on a single topic, and One Day University, where you’ll learn through live and on-demand lectures without ever having to pay a tuition fee.

Normally, this six-pack bundle of smart streaming services retails for $69 for one year. But now for a limited time, you can shave 42% off of the price and get one year for just $39.99. A two-year subscription is on sale for $79.99 (normally $139), a three-year subscription is on sale for $119.99 (normally $209), and a four-year subscription is available for just $219.99 (normally $350).

Prices subject to change.

Smartest Streaming Bundle ft. Curiosity Stream on a screen.

Credit: CuriosityStream