TikTok trend reminds people to be kinder to themselves

Collage of TikTok screenshots

Remember that TikTok trend where people posted their unique and sometimes embarrassing fun facts to Olivia Rodrigo’s “enough for you”? Now, a new trend on TikTok is inspiring users to share their childhood photographs as a reminder to be kinder to oneself. 

The sound, created by user @framveu, is a mashup of “Me and My Husband” by Mitski and “Apocalypse” by Cigarettes After Sex. As of June 15, the audio has been used in 103,200 TikToks.

The TikToks typically start with a text that says something similar to “being mean to myself and then realizing I’m also talking about [pronoun],” followed by baby or childhood picture(s) of the user. People are being reminded to give themselves the same grace that they would give to their childhood selves, and it’s pretty wholesome.

TikTok user looks directly at the camera.

Credit: TikTok / alessyafarrugia

TikTok user looks directly at the camera.

Credit: TikTok / officialautumnrose

TikTokker @alessyafarrugia captioned her video “This trend changed my whole perspective,” while @officialautumnrose said “I love this trend, I’ve grown into myself so much.”

People have also been using the sound to bring awareness to sensitive topics such as eating disorders, self-harm, struggles with self-doubt, and insecurities about physical appearances. The trend is not only a reminder of self-compassion, but one of growth and solidarity.

TikTok user walking in the woods.

im_powering’s video drew awareness to eating disorders.
Credit: TikTok / im_powering

TikTok user looks directly at camera.

hellomynameisshawn’s video was about struggles with self-doubt and self-worth.
Credit: TikTok / hellomynameisshawn

TikTok user looks directly at camera.

k4auraman’s video was about insecurities with one’s physical appearance and struggles with self-worth.
Credit: TikTok / k4uraman

While TikTok virality can often feel like it’s all fun and games, trends like this reveal the softer side of the collective — and how virality can be used to create a positive chain reaction in the community. Here’s to healing the inner child in all of us.