Walmart's Dyson V10 deal beats any Prime Day Dyson vacuum deal from Amazon

Dyson V10 vacuum and colorful triangle graphic on red and purple background

Save 150: As of July 12, the Dyson V10 Allergy cordless vacuum is on sale for $379.99 at Walmart. The $150 discount is just one of many Walmart rollbacks (conveniently) live during Prime Day.

The very cheapest Dyson vacuum you can find isn’t automatically the best Dyson deal this Prime Day. Hell, it’s not even at Amazon.

Instead, we’re crowning Walmart’s $379.99 deal on the Dyson V10 Allergy as the best Prime Day Dyson deal.

That $150 discount beats the measly $100 discounts that Dyson’s website and Best Buy have on more expensive models. With Walmart’s frequent $299.99 Dyson V8 Fluffy deal nowhere to be found RN, the cheapest Dysons you can find are the V8 Motorhead at $329.99 at Target and the V8 Absolute at $399.99 at Dyson’s website. And here’s the thing: Why would you pay that for either of those when you can snag a confirmed-stronger Dyson at such a similar price point?

Dyson titles its cordless vacuums based on the motor that powers them, which antes up in suction power with a price increase. Not only is the digital motor V10 30% more powerful than the V8, but the V10 also cleans for 20 more minutes (for a total of 60 minutes) on one charge compared to the V8.

Take a second glance at the physical design of the two. You may notice that the V10’s dust bin sits in-line with the stick part of the vacuum (rather than perpendicular like the V7 and V8). Aligning the motor and bin allows air to be drawn into the cyclones in a straight line, contributing to the heightened suction impact over the V8. Plus, it just looks more chic.

For reference on the severity of this steal, Dyson has other renditions of the V10 starting at $549.99.